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Articles by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone

Introduction to the Work.

THE BASIC ELEMENTS OF VOICE DIALOGUE, RELATIONSHIP, AND THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SELVES: Their Origins and Development, ( PDF, 29 pages) gives the story of our journey and the way in which our work evolved. It was originally written in 2007, the year we reached our 70th and 80th birthdays. Our aim in this article is to share with you the combined personal and professional "joint venture" that has been our life's work. In it, we describe what we currently see as the most important aspects of our work, the history of its evolution, and trace back to our initial sources of inspiration. We have recently re-formatted this article and added photos to make it attractive as well as informative. We encourage you to download it and to print it out.

Voice Dialogue: Discovering Our Selves, a shorter and more informal presentation of this joint journey, was written for Gary Zukav's website when we were his Soul Guests.

The Psychology of the Aware Ego: Back to Basics gives a brief introduction to the Aware Ego Process, a new concept that basically bridges Eastern spiritual teachings and Western psychological knowledge. The Aware Ego Process moves beyond duality by "carrying the tension of opposites" and, as the Buddhist tradition teaches, is "the middle way".

Embracing All Our Selves, the first in a series of articles written for Psychotherapy, an Australian journal for psychotherapists, is an introduction to the many selves that live within each of us.

Voice Dialogue: An Introduction to the Use of Voice Dialogue, the third in the series, shows how we talk to these selves. It is written for mental health professionals and is not intended as a "how to" for laymen. (We would caution you to begin exploring your many selves with the guidance of a trained facilitator.)

Articles About Relationships

Making Relationships Work for You is an updated, brief, and practical approach to understanding relationships - all relationships. It shows how the bonding pattern - the basic default pattern of all relationships - operates and what can be done about this to introduce more choice and satisfaction into your life.

The Dance of The Selves in Relationship, the second in the series of articles written for Psychotherapy, gives a more detailed picture of the interactions of the selves in relationship and discusses bonding patterns.

Some Thoughts on Energetic Connection There is no real understanding of how relationships work without an awareness of how the energetics of relationship operate. This is an overlooked, new, and essential field of knowledge.

About Vulnerability Without access to one's underlying vulnerability, there can be no real intimacy in relationships.

Judgment and What to Do with It Judgment plays an important role in our work - particularly our work with relationship. This clarifies the meaning of our judgments and how - rather than trying to rid ourselves of them - we can use them to enhance our consciousness.

Some Down-to-Earth Suggestions for Keeping Your Relationship Alive This is an excerpt from "The Fireside Chats" in which Hal and Sidra Stone speak informally about what they do to enhance their own relationship.


The Inner Critic, is the fourth in a series of articles that was for "Psychotherapy", an Australian journal for psychotherapists. The material is still fresh and we've updated it with some delightful illustrations.

How Strong is Your Inner Critic (PDF) Here's an informal rating scale to give you an idea of the comparative strength of your own Inner Critic.

The Top 12 Traits of the Inner Critic An informal - and brief - guide to recognizing the actions of your Inner Critic.


Dreams as a Window to Your Inner Selves (from Partnering: A New Kind of Relationship)

It Was Only a Dream: Learning to Honor The Creative Imagination in Children

The Disowned Instinctual Energies and the Dream Process shows how the inner teacher sends us dream messages about disowned instinctual energies.

911 / then - Paris / now

The First Letter A Personal Journey 9/11 pdf

Continuing the Journey (after 9/11) The Second Letter pdf

An Open Letter to President George W. Bush pdf

Articles by Hal Stone

Beware of the Cave of LOVE


What I Know Now

Notes From My Journey

From Enlightenment to the Aware Ego Process to Source Energy pdf
The wisdom and experience of a lifetime devoted to the evolution of consciousness as shared by Hal Stone.

Some Thoughts About Prophecies

Illness as Teacher

Articles by Sidra Stone

The Inner Patriarchy and Politics (PDF)

One Secret of Graceful Aging: Separating From Primary Selves


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The Basic Elements of Voice Dialogue
Voice Dialogue IntroductionVoice Dialogue IntroductionVoice Dialogue Introduction
Selves in a Box
The Voice Dialogue Series

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