The Shadow King
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The Shadow King

The Shadow King

The Invisible Force That Holds Women Back
— softcover
by Sidra Stone Ph.D
$12.00 Also available as an eBook
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This thought-provoking book about the Inner Patriarch will change the way you think about women. Sidra Stone shines a light into the unconscious, the realm of the Shadow King. She illuminates his role in your life and in the lives of those you love. She shows how subtly he operates as he enchants, tyrannizes, and limits women telling them who they "really" are, what they should be, and how they should act. This book helps to break this enchantment and shows women how to claim their full human birthright. Although primarily written for women, this book is valuable for men as well. Not only will men learn about their own Patriarchs, but they will gain a greater understanding of the women in their lives.

Women's power, sexuality, relationship roles, and emotions - all are unconsciously influenced by this compelling inner voice as it echoes thousands of years of patriarchal beliefs. The Shadow King examines this voice and gives a clear picture of its amazing power. And it shows how to transform the Inner Patriarch from an unseen enemy to a powerful ally, enabling each woman to claim her full, and unique, feminine power.

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