What is the connection between the Psychology of the Aware Ego and spirituality? How does your idea of a psycho-spiritual system fit into this?

The Aware Ego (or Aware Ego) Process is not a self. It is an energy that moves in us to constantly separate us from whatever it is we are identified with. It is surrendered to all of the selves but it is also the dance partner of all of the selves. This surrender is very important because it means that we are surrendered to the idea that we need to become conversant with everything that is in us and learn how to use consciously the totality of what we are and who we are. Primary selves surrender only to what they conceive as being proper for them. The Aware Ego surrenders to all the selves and then learns how to use them in a conscious way.

The question then may well be asked: How do you know when you are in the Aware Ego? How do you know who is surrendering? The fact is that most of the time you don’t know when you have an Aware Ego process happening. We don’t want people to walk around trying to have an Aware Ego. That would just be some kind of consciousness pusher that is driving the personality and making a pretense of living life.

The idea is to live life and then take advantage of the many many opportunities that life brings to you. You get reactions from other people all of the time and if we listen to these reactions we learn about ourselves. You listen to our dreams and they let us know when we get out of balance. When this happens you investigate what has happened and see where you are and you have a chance to connect into and deepen your Aware Ego process. Life is meant to be lived and consciousness hopefully is a part of that process but consciousness work of any kind can’t protect you from life.

There is yet another surrender that the Aware Ego must make. The Aware Ego allows us to surrender to all of the selves and that is certainly very helpful. The other surrender however is the surrender to the organizing intelligence of the universe as it channels through each of us. We find this Intelligence in our dreams; we find it in learning about our relational interactions and the mathematical precision in which they operate; we can learn about it in our meditations and reflections.

So for us we would not say that the Aware Ego is specifically a spiritual process. We would define it as a psycho-spiritual process because it requires us to embrace all that is usually referred to as spiritual and all that is usually thought of as nonspiritual. For us the consciousness process in general is a psychospiritual quest. From our long experience with dreams and the unconscious, this is certainly what the unconscious seems to want from each of us – to engage life to the fullest extent that is possible and to develop a passion for the consciousness journey itself. This concept is basic to all of our work and there are numerous references to this way of thinking in all Books, CDs, and DVDs.

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